We are proud of the efforts taken at Bill Cleyndert & Company to be as carbon neutral as possible and to recycle what we can. 100% of the paper and cardboard we use is recycled and our wood waste is entirely converted into self-sustaining renewable energy. Our on-site biomass boiler takes our off-cuts and extracted woodwaste and burns them to generate hot water for our factory, power our spray booths and provide heating for our offices. Approximately 100 tonnes of woodwaste per annum is combusted on site leaving the total amount of waste we send to landfill at less than 5%.

The use of wood waste as a source of energy replaces the need for expensive fossil fuels such as oil and minimises difficult and expensive disposal problems. Biomass is a low carbon fuel source because the carbon dioxide released when biomass is converted for energy purposes is largely offset by that absorbed by the organic material during its growth. Combusting biomass fuels such as wood waste to raise heat or steam for space or process heating is one of the most cost-effective applications for biomass from a cost-of-carbon point of view at the present time.